Jozsef Hornyak Tattoo Artist

I started to work at Westend Tattoo after finishing the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. During the past few year I've done many styles, but my favourite is the realistic depiction. It can be human, animal, plant, i always try to make it as close to reality as it is possible. Please contact Westend tattoo to find out which days im working on, to discuss your personal ideas. I do black-and-whites and coloured tattoos to, or contact me for drawing, planning your own ideas. The most important for me to make the best tattoo for you in the best quality,as you can see it in my portfolio. If you wanna make sure, please feel free to come in and discuss personally, i'll help you with my professional advices too. Look around among the tattoos made by be to find some inspiration to make your tattoo dreams come true.